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Sold – 1.56 Acres As Close To T...

Sold – 1.56 Acres As Close To The River As You Can Get! Sprague River, OR

Property Details Situated so close to the river, the sounds will sooth you to sleep at night. Perfect little spot off of the main paved road that will allow you to get in and out as you need, however when you settle in you’ll never want to leave. APN # – 329585 County – Klamath […]

Sprague River, OR 1.46 Acres Overlook...

Sprague River, OR 1.46 Acres Overlooking Beautiful Area!

Property Details On the higher part of the terrain in the area hosts this 1.46 Acre lot just north of the Sprague River. Dirt roads lead directly up to the property that do not contain a lot of neighbors. Perfect for someone looking to build or have a place to escape to without distractions and […]